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August 4th, 2021 - By: Jesse Allen Cadence’s Paul McLellan listens in as industry luminaries celebrate 50 years of the microprocessor with a discussion on major challenges to the growth of microprocessors, inflection points over the last 50 years, and predictions for the next 25. Siemens EDA’s Vladimir Kirichenko warns that designing electrical and thermal systems separately may lead to various problems such as late design changes due to poor thermal management and points to how to connect electrical and thermal BCI-ROM models. Synopsys’ Mike Gianfagna considers the interlinked development of AI algorithms and hardware accelerators and what the future holds for using machine learning to design better AI chips. Ansys’ Juliano Mologni points to a way to simulate the electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility of cables, antennas, printed circuit boards, and other subsystem components involved in cable harnesses. In a blog for Arm, Yoshinobu Nagamine of Gavi suggests ways to track vaccinations of people lacking formal identification using contactless biometric ID, as the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine makes clear the challenges in providing and tracking even routine childhood vaccination worldwide. SEMI’s Heidi Hoffman listens in as Glenn Snyder of Deloitte describes the state of medtech and why a combination of consumer demand and an ecosystem of bio-sensors, data standards, and regulatory improvements is setting the stage for rapid growth. Nvidia’s Debraj Sinha points to ways edge computing and a growing number of sensors can make public spaces safer and operate more smoothly. Plus, don’t miss the blogs featured in the latest Systems & Design newsletter : Technology Editor Brian Bailey predicts that although COVID-19 caused many things to change, only what was rethought will survive. Cadence’s Frank Schirrmeister explores why automatically developing the most appropriate model for a given task remains a challenge. Imperas’ Lee Moore and Simon Davidmann contend that RISC-V verification quality is just as important as processor design freedom. Siemens EDA’s Nebabie Kebebew shows how ML can enable fast and accurate high-sigma analysis. Synopsys’ Manoz Palaparthi explains how to minimize unused compute resources during DRC and LVS runs. OneSpin’s Rob van Blommestein points out that as the level of abstraction increases, so must the level of verification. Codasip’s Roddy Urquhart foresees higher-performance RISC-V cores as barriers break down between different processor types. Aldec’s Mariusz Grabowski shows how to integrate GNU Radio with FPGA hardware and design and verification tools.

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Whitmer BAMF’s staff will perform research but also treat patients suffering from prostate cancer, neuroendocrine cancer and, eventually, other forms of cancer. The company is growing, and it expects to employ roughly 100 people when it moves into the building. However, the number of employees is eventually projected to grow to upwards of 300, company officials said. Its employees at the building will include researchers, clinical staff, as well as finance and business staff. “I’m extremely grateful and extremely proud of what we have achieved thus far,” Chang said, after he and other company officials gave Whitmer a tour of the facility. The new, $85 million Doug Meijer Medical Innovation building was funded in part through a $19.5 million donation from Doug Meijer and the Meijer Foundation. The gift was designed to help support the purchase of two multimillion-dollar cyclotrons that are owned by MSU but used by BAM for its cancer treatment. BAMF uses the cyclotrons to produce radioactive isotopes used in medical imaging. The company needed them on site because radioactive isotopes “decay,” and cannot be manufactured elsewhere and shipped to Michigan. “What we want to do over here is transform the world of medicine,” Chang told Whitmer. The building will house other tenants, including Spectrum Health and MSU, once construction is complete. During her tour, Whitmer was shown the company’s labs, clinical space and the cyclotrons. She also was shown the company’s future space on the seventh floor, which is now vacant, but will house business, administration and other staff once complete. BAMF will occupy the building’s first floor, part of the second floor and the seventh floor. Whitmer said the investments by BAMF provide continued momentum for Grand Rapids’ medical and life sciences industry. “We saw Perrigo choose to make Grand Rapids their home — we were in competition with Florida,” she said, referring to the generic pharmaceutical and self care company that’s leasing space for a new North American Corporate Headquarters in a building under construction on the Medical Mile. “We’re excited about that. These things work off of one another, and we’ll continue to see growth in this space right here.” But the investments are “not just about growing our economy,” Whitmer said.